How Does Couples Therapy Help in Affixing Relationships?

Happiness and sorrow are two sides of a coin. They say love is blind and it is easier to fall into it than to rise. People do commit and get into a relationship however many a times are not able to maintain it for too long. Over the period of time distress and sadness starts flowing in and things start becoming from bad to worse. It has been seen that two people living under the same roof do not interact with each other for a long time which often leads to severe problems and they start breaking a relationship.
Relationships are precious, and they should be taken care of in a sensitive manner.Like we take care of our favourite things, be it a car or a gadget and provide them regular maintenance and fuelling or service, so are our relationships which we mostly take for granted. We only start working on improving our relationships when the major damage has been done. It is said that when a problem erupts it is best to solve it then and there but strangely in a relationship we do exactly the opposite.

Since proper care is not taken at the start, they need to then resort to a counselling which in simple words is couples therapy where they are assisted and counselled by a professional counsellor, a therapist and a psychologist in order to settle the conflicts between the two. This therapy is suitable for any sort of relationship, whether it is a young, old, dating, married, engaged, mixed race, gay couples, etc.The therapy may be different for different for all couples depending on the nature of problems and areas they need help, however, it has its salient features and they are:Features• Concentrating on a specific problem• Active contribution from the therapist side in treating the relationship as a whole and involving both of them.• Focussing on a solution.• Establishing the clear purpose of treatment.Steps:• It starts with a set of standard questions regarding the insight of the relationship, individual’s viewpoint, family history and background• Then the therapist will help the couple to ascertain the issue and proceed the treatment based on that. With this, he also shares his viewpoints about the strengths of their relationship and binds the spirit.• When the treatment is on, the therapist tries to help the couple get an understanding of the relationship and its changing aspects keeping in focus the main issue.• The last step is to modify the behaviour of the couple, improve the communication, and help them interact in a different manner and for this, they even designate some sort of task the couple which they need to apply while interacting on a daily basis.

Let us know study its importance to see how it has helped in reviving relationships
Importance• The therapy has been seen to improve the communication levels of the couples, thus decreasing the number of conflicts and arguments• It helps to improve the level of understanding regarding each other’s needs and responses.• It helps in regaining the lost closeness and understanding and revives the love in the relationship.• Negotiation or re-negotiation of commitments has been a feature of this therapy by the couple as they are assisted in this by the therapist.It can thus be seen that most of the couples have been able to revive their lost relationship from this therapy effectively but majorly we need to remember that we need to value our relationships and not drag and make small mistakes into a big disaster.